Pet Friendly Park

Here at Werribee South Caravan Park, we love dogs and we want our furry visitors to be safe and feel welcomed, but in order to do this we need to ensure harmony and consideration of all guests and so we ask that our Park Rules be respected by all when it comes to having dogs stay with us. We have created Terms and Conditions which are the minimum standards and requirements for guests with dogs.

Please click on the link below to our Werribee South Caravan Park Pet Owner Agreement form, that must be completed for all dogs that are brought into the park.


  1. The dog owner must contact the park directly in advance of arrival to apply to have their dog accepted into the park. Special conditions may apply in some circumstances.
  2. Upon arrival at the park, the dog’s acceptance will be at the Manager’s discretion and the dog owner must have signed the standard Werribee South Caravan Park Owner Agreement form.
  3. Dogs must be always supervised and never left unattended, including inside a tent, van, or other accommodation. If it is unavoidable, every effort must be made to arrange for someone to monitor the dog’s behaviour and wellbeing. Dogs must be on a lead, have access to shade and shelter and be provided with adequate food and water.
  4. Dogs must be always on a leash while not in a van or tent or other accommodation: there are no exceptions. A leash must be no more than two metres in length. No dog ‘runs’ are to be operated by dog owners.
  5. Dogs are not to be allowed to chase, harm, or otherwise disturb wildlife.
  6. Aggressive dogs (or their owners) are not welcome.
  7. Dogs visiting the park must have a current record of vaccination.
  8. Dogs must be otherwise healthy and free of fleas, worms, and other parasites.
  9. For health and safety reasons, dogs are not allowed in amenities and reception.
  10. Dog owners are responsible for picking up and disposing of their dog’s waste in a sealed ‘doggy do’ plastic bag and disposed of in rubbish bins. These bags may be purchased from Reception.
  11. For health and safety reasons, dogs must not be washed or cleaned in amenities or laundry buildings. Additionally, any dog-related accessories such as dog blankets should not be washed or cleaned within the park facilities.
  12. Dog owners are personally responsible, and will be held to be so, for any and all personal injuries and/or property damage or losses in relation to any actions caused by or because of their dog.
  13. The dog owner must agree that the Park Manager reserves the right to evict any guests whose dog is deemed noisy, disruptive, and aggressive or the subject of a complaint/s from other guests. It is the dog owner’s sole responsibility to control and manage their dog. If in the view of Park Management that this has not happened to an acceptable level, the owner and the dog may be evicted from the park immediately.
  14. If required, provide the caravan park owner with a written guarantee that their pet does not represent a danger to the health and safety of other park users, in particular young children, who may wander into an animal's territory.

Complete and provide the Werribee South Caravan Park Pet Owner Agreement Form.